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Often seniors who still desire to age-in-place can do so more successfully by moving to a 'rightsized' home.  Not necessarily 'downsized', but a home that is a better fit while still providing independence and privacy.

  • Layout - no stairs, wide doorways, larger bathrooms, etc.

  • Location - closer to family, medical care, walking distance to favorite spots

  • Efficient - enough space for cherished belongings and room to entertain, but not excessive space that requires increased utility usage and cleaning

  • Updated - already ADA compliant, newest safety and security features, newer appliances and systems that shouldn't require as much maintenance

  • Retirement friendly - less (or no)  yard to maintain and updated security system or neighborhood security for while away on travel


Would you like a list of communities in North Alabama that can offer these amenities?  
Send us a message using the contact form below!

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We can help!

If you or your loved one is ready to explore a 'rightsized' home, we can help!  Contact us today for a FREE buyer consultation to discuss your goals and needs for your next home.  We also offer relocation services for families/seniors moving into the North Alabama area!

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You can buy and sell with confidence when an Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) works hard for you and gives you a distinct advantage. We’ll assess your specific requirements and leverage our connections with home inspectors, movers, attorneys, and financial experts that all have worked extensively with seniors.


SRES® agents know you have many memories and emotions attached to your home and leaving it can be bittersweet. You can rely on us to assist with pricing considerations, staging and showing the home, and negotiating all of the details.

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